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Do I Really Need Acting Lessons?

“GOALS on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and CONSISTENCY.” – Denzel Washington

Kid Actor behind a Film Clapboard

Do I really need acting lessons? If you want to be a professional in your chosen career field you must know your profession.

Doctors, police officers, firefighters and many others working in specified vocations all need extensive training to work in their desired field. The same goes for actors. You may not be saving lives but the right role and an amazing performance has the capacity to change lives.

One sure-fire way to get that life-changing role is through proper study and dedication to the art of acting. Yes, there are some fortunate thespians that caught a lucky break and booked a part without any formal training. But the truth is, they probably got the part either because they fit a certain look that no one else could or they knew someone in the biz who gave them a shot. Chances are, you don’t necessarily fall into that category. If you did, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

When you walk into most auditions, you will generally see quite a few other actors who look very similar to you going after the same role. What will differentiate you from the rest? Training. Lots and lots of training. Even actors that caught a lucky break usually have on set acting coaches to guide them through scenes.

Acting is a career choice. In order to apply for most jobs, you need a resume or some sort of work history. The same is true in the world of acting. Your resume says a lot about you and listing acting classes as experience can put you ahead of the rest. Casting Directors tend to look favorably on actors who have put a lot of effort, time and money into perfecting their craft. It shows dedication and determination.

You believe you have what it takes. That’s the first step. Now the next step is to put that belief into motion. Study your craft. It’s imperative to your success.

The more you know, the more confidence you exude and the more likely you are to book that part!

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