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Welcome to the Limelight FAQ page! 


While the world of Acting & Modeling may seem like glitz and glam all the time, success does not come without dedication, persistence, discipline and most of all passion! While the rewards are many, they do not come without putting in the work. 


With that being said, below is a list of some of the most common questions, perceptions and misconceptions we get about taking classes at Limelight. It has helped shape our policy, rules and expectations over the years of you as our student, and conversely, what you can expect from us as your coach.


Our #1 goal and mission is to equip you with all of the tools and knowledge for success and create a mutually beneficial long term working relationship with you our client!


If there are other questions or concerns you have that are not addressed here, as always, please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss.



Q: What does Limelight Acting Studio have to offer?
Limelight Acting Studio offers acting & modeling training for individuals who want to be ready for possible agent or manager representation, mastering auditions, self tape, callbacks and bookings.

Q: What’s included with the training?
– Communication is important so any questions a client has we are here to answer during the lesson or after.
– Guiding actors & models in their career. Clients need to know the business aspect of the entertainment business, the rules, marketing themselves and know the different types & personalities they represent.
– Head-shots (4-5 looks), cover letter, acting resume, reel, list of agents & casting agencies to submit to upon completion of the Limelight Academy 10 month program.

Q: Can I be a actor or model?
Yes! It doesn’t matter what age, ethnicity and size. Castings & Productions needs all types to fit every role to make it believable.

Q: I heard acting is supposed to be free with no fees. Do I have to pay for my acting lessons?
Agents, Managers and auditions are at no cost. Agents & Managers only make a commission when you book but Agents and Managers won’t take you without the proper training, headshots, knowledge and some without a reel and credits. Training, headshots and reels all cost. Acting is no different from training for a sport or going to school to get that degree. Everything that’s pursuable has a cost and needs to be looked at as an investment in yourself and your future. With Limelight Acting Studio we have put together a program that keep costs reasonable so its reachable for anyone to pursue their acting career the right and correct way with confidence.

Q: What’s the first step in taking lessons at Limelight Acting Studio?
Call or email us to make arrangements for your first lesson. If you would like to meet in person befor
ehand, we will be happy to sit down with you to discuss your goals, what you wish to achieve, and answer any questions you may have about our program.

Q: Can I take acting at another acting studio while taking from Limelight Acting Studio?
Yes, but we don’t recommend it. If taking from another acting studio while taking from us you still have to be committed to Limelight Acting Studio.

Q: Are there any rules at Limelight Acting Studio? 
Yes, we have a few. Let’s start with attendance. We do not allow more than one cancellation of lessons per month.

Q: What if Im going out of town or not available for a lesson?
Then you must let us know, and book out for those days.

Q: Are there any cancellation penalties?
Yes. There are no cancellations once you have confirmed your time-slot and/or you are within 24 hours of your scheduled time. You will be charged for that week's lesson.

Q: What if I’m late to my lesson?
We take tardiness very seriously. More than two late arrivals will result in a suspension of lessons. 

Q: Why so many rules on tardiness and Cancellations?
Because this is how the business works. You Cannot cancel at the last minute on bookings or just not show up and/or be late to auditions, call times and interviews. You are going on their time now and not yours. Once you commit to a booking you must follow through on your end and be there on time and as expected. Acting & Modeling is no different from any other profession, and we prepare our clients to not make mistakes with not being professional.

Q: Why should I choose Limelight Acting Studio for my training?
Simply because we are the whole package in teaching, training and preparing you for success on your new journey into the world of acting and/or modeling.

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