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"I Learned How This Business Really Works

Kristin was a referral from my hairdresser that was thrilled about how her daughter’s career was taking off. I just then started to get into acting, and I needed more training.


I got more than just taking acting lessons. Kristin recognized my resume was not in the right format, my headshots didn’t represent me well, and I learned how this business really works. Kristin saved me a lot of time in my career. Thank you so much Limelight Acting Studio for everything.

Sabrina Stokes

Got Representation with AB2 Talent

"I Booked Two National Commercials

I always had the acting bug, but with work, raising kids and paying bills, that dream got lost in the shuffle. Now that I’m retired, and the kids are grown, I thought I might rekindle those old flames. Someone told me about Limelight and Kristin and its classes for people 50 years and over. And wow! What a kick. I booked two national commercials. I can’t believe it. My kids are so proud that they signed up their children for classes.

Ruth Clinkscales

Booked two national Commercials

"All Three Of My Daughters Got An Agent

I have to say I’m still impressed how Kristin took all of my girls under her wing and turned them into young actresses and models. My three daughters always wanted to act, and I knew Kristin had been in the business a long time so I asked her if she could teach my girls. Since my daughters never took acting lessons before, we took Kristin’s ten month Academy. The classes, headshots plus cover letter/resume were all included. All three of my daughters got an interview with an Agency. On the first interview, the agent decided to represent them all. Even the agent said whoever taught your girls knew what they were doing. Yes, you did, Kristin. Since landing an agent, my daughters booked a movie role and are getting nothing but callbacks on major SAG Commercials and TV Roles. Thank You for Everything you have done for my daughters.

Tarina Thomas (Mother of Pej, Patience, Promize

(Got Representation with Hanlon Talent Agency and booked 'Monsters' movie)

"Incredibly Knowledgeable And Very Caring

My oldest son actually discovered Kristin for us. He brought home her business card he came across while out running errands and said: “here ya go!”. I called Kristin to set up a time to meet. She was very bubbly and excited on the phone. When we met, we were filled with facts about the acting business. She was incredibly knowledgeable and very caring, putting Parker’s needs first. Much better than another acting studio in Newhall whom we received broken promises. Kristin has been amazing to work with, and Parker has enjoyed all his one on one sessions. Starting our Saturday mornings with “How you doing?” It’s a tradition. He learns and has fun. Kristin has guided us to a great agency as well. We would highly recommend anyone in the acting business to come on into Limelight Acting Studio. You won’t be disappointed! With a Hollywood world of false promises and scams, there are good people who care about their clients and Kristin is definitely on top! Thank you, Kristin, for all you have done over the past two years for Parker!

Cathy Williams (Parker's Mom)

Got Representation with Minc Talent Agency, booked The Mentalist, video game itv

"Always Going The Extra Mile

We have had such an amazing experience at Limelight Acting Studio! Kristin is so passionate about guiding my daughter through the process to become an actress. She is always there for us when we have questions, and she is always going the extra mile to make us feel important. Love Limelight!!!!

Corie Urey (Kathryn’s mom)

Two auditions from breakdown service

"We Are Grateful We Went To Limelight Acting Studio

My daughter was interested in being on TV. I heard so many great things about Kristin and Limelight Acting Studio and was interested, but I have to admit we went to another school in LA for six months that cost way too much and was overcrowded and wasn’t doing anything for my daughter Bella. I called Limelight Acting Studio again, and we fell in love with it. Kristin was very professional and communicated with me in the progress of Bella. We took the ten-month Academy private lesson. The ten months went by so quickly that it had us in tears; we didn’t want it to end. Two weeks after the final lesson we had two interviews with two major agencies. Kristin knows what the agents are looking for and gets you ready. The first agency Bella met with loved her, and she got representation. We are grateful we went to Limelight Acting Studio and didn’t waste any more time on Bella’s career.

Karen Porch (Bella’s mother)

Got Representation with Collen Cler Agency

"Made My Acting Career A Reality

I remember when I made that nervous phone call to Limelight Acting Studio. One of my boys told me about the studio. I have always seen myself as an actor, but it’s different in actually making it a reality. Meeting Kristin was nice, but she went straight to the point and made sure that I really did want to pursue acting. She made it clear that everyone at her studio works hard and they don’t daydream. I realized there was no turning back. I spent the next eight months focused and determined. Those ten months flew by, and after taking my headshots, I had an audition for a major theater play, and I booked it along with getting representation. All of my hard work and dedication (not going to clubs) paid off for me! Even my dad who had doubts still can’t believe it. Thank you, Kristin, for working with my budget and making my acting career a reality.

James Reyes

Got representation with Daily Talent and Theater Booking

"Anaya Has Learned So Much

Thank you, Kristin! You have been incredibly instrumental! Anaya has learned so much from you. You have been there for us through all of our questions and anything we need. She wouldn’t have gotten representation without your help. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… For everything!!! Incredibly blessed by Limelight!

Yira Jones (Anaya’s Mom)

Representation with Minc Talent Agency

"Kristin Is More Than An Acting Coach, She Is A Mentor

Though I came from a theater background, I wanted to get into TV acting. I took a couple of acting classes where I learned different techniques, but I felt I was missing something.

I stumbled across the Limelight Acting Studio website, and I called and made an appointment. To be honest, I live in Santa Monica and making the trip once a week to Santa Clarita was rough, but so worth it. Kristin broke me out of my bad theater habits and taught me the correct TV/film and commercial way of acting. I also learned how the business works and she kept me out of scams. Kristin answered all of my questions. She taught me ways to build my resume and how to get into the SAG/AFTRA union. I got union really quickly by getting Taft Hartley on a webisode. Now I am auditioning and have everything in order. Kristin is more than an acting coach she is a mentor. That’s what I was missing from the other schools. Thanks again.

Jonathan Agassi

Became Union and Booked 'Taesel' Webisode

"Kristin Taught Me The Joy Of Acting

Being an established model and doing great in it, you would think I would be happy. I was, but my heart and soul belong in acting. Kristin taught me the joy of acting. I loved trying out drama scenes and bringing the serious actress out of me. I felt very comfortable with Kristin, which allowed me to let loose and be myself because she was a model and looks like one. Kristin is a strong woman. I think she’s one of these people you meet and you think: “wow she’s pretty but can we take her seriously?” and when you get to know her and her teaching abilities, you think she is brilliant. I learned a lot of commercial improv that helped me get callbacks and book a cell phone provider commercial. Now I’m going on auditions for major network TV pilots and getting closer to booking my dream role. Thank you, Kristin, for bringing the acting and joy out of me.

Monique Blanchard

Booked 3 national commercials

"Very Professional And Knowledgeable

We were extremely pleased with our experience with Limelight Acting Studio. Kristin is very professional and knowledgeable. Our daughter learned so much about the business and what is expected of her. I would recommend Limelight Acting Studio to anyone.

The Council’s (Racheal Council)

Got representation with Johnson Talent Agency

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