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Group Classes

Acting Classes, Modeling Classes, Voice Over Classes, On Camera, Self Tape/Audition Techniques...and more!

Group classes (small class sizes for efficient learning and personalized attention) are a great way to interact and learn with other students. We offer a variety ongoing and limited-duration group classes for different age groups and skill levels that cover a wide range of topics including: Scene Study, Acting Tools & Techniques, Improv and Self Tape & Mock Auditions for TV/Film/Commercials and Voice Over. 

If you are interested in signing up for one of our group classes, shoot us an email, or give us call at 661-505-2990 (Valencia Location) or 951-383-0656 (Temecula Location) for our most up-to-date schedule, availability and to register.

Both Locations

Valencia Location

Temecula Location

Hollywood Back Lot


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  • Accelerated 6-Month Program

  • Limited Enrollment: Only 8 spots per class!

  • Includes Shoot on a Real Hollywood Soundstage!

  • Headshots Included

  • Actor's Reel Included

  • Resume, Cover Letter, Mentoring Included

Class Setup: Intimate group setting limited to just 8 spots per class!

Duration: Accelerated 6-month timeline compared to our 10-12 month academies. 

6-Month Group Class 

Embark on a transformative acting journey with our Limelight Acting Academy's 6-Month Group Class. This comprehensive program is meticulously designed to cover all aspects of acting, from improvisation to on-camera techniques, headshots, and the business side of the industry.

Monthly Breakdown:

  • Month 1: Improvisation and Cold Reading - Master the fundamentals of improvisation and cold reading, enhancing your spontaneity and quick adaptation to new scripts.

  • Month 2: Scene Study - Delve into various scene types and genres, focusing on character development and interaction.

  • Month 3: On-Camera Self Tape Audition Techniques - Gain proficiency in drama and comedy scenes, with an emphasis on self-tape preparations and audition protocols.

  • Month 4: Headshots and Business Aspects of Acting - Prepare for headshots, create compelling resumes, and learn the intricacies of self-submissions and agency interactions.

  • Month 5: Preparing for Film Shoot - Rehearse and finalize preparations for filming, including wardrobe and scene blocking.

  • Month 6: Filming and Production - Experience professional filming on a soundstage, followed by post-production and reel editing.

(Classes meet weekly, 4x per month)

Class Price: $585 per month

Sign-Up Details: Waitlist Now Open for Valencia and Temecula locations. Classes kick off as soon as we have 8 registered actors per location.

Actor with clapboard


Group Class - Ongoing

Led by Limelight Acting Coach, Tania Gunadi, Tania has appeared as series regulars and guest starring roles on ABC, FX, Disney, FOX, Netflix and Nickelodeon. She has also been featured in over 50 TV commercials. 


Elevate your craft in our weekly ongoing class, where Tania guides you through the intricacies of acting. Discover a diverse array of tools, techniques, and improvisational exercises designed to sharpen your skills and enhance your ability to live truthfully within each 'moment-to-moment' on stage or screen. Develop the art of self-taping and in-person auditioning, ensuring you present your best self. Delve into the depth of scene study, exploring character development, story arcs, and relationship dynamics. This class is your creative space to grow and thrive as an actor.

Kids: (age 7-11)

Teens: (age 12-17)

Adults: (age 18 +)

4 week minimum commitment

(Classes meet weekly, 4x per month)

Class Price: $285 per month

Contact Us to Register

Voice Over Microphone


Group Class - Ongoing

This is a month-to-month class where each week, you will be acting on camera or on microphone.  


Hone your craft by working on different genres for TV/Film/Commercial and Voiceover. Practice auditioning and breaking down scripts. Mastering exercises on how to explore your imagination, emotions, and actions to create characters.  Mock auditions, callbacks, producer sessions, self-tapes and learning the ins and outs of filming on set. You will also be guided in the business aspect, such as submissions, getting representations, union membership and how to take your career to the next level. 

Teens: (age 14-17)

Adults: (age 18 +)

4 week minimum commitment

(Classes meet weekly, 4x per month)

Class Price: $285 per month

Contact Us to Register

Student with film script for audition


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Now Enrolling! Starts July 8th

Limelight Acting Studio Coach Will Doughty

Led by Limelight Acting Coach, Will Doughty, Will has honed his expertise in improvisation to teach actors in commercials, film, and TV auditions.

Group Class - Starts Monday July 8th!

Discover more about your role and how to bring it to life through unscripted play. Build your on-camera confidence by performing both scripted and unscripted scene work each week. Learn how to freely think, speak, and behave as your role beyond your lines on the page, gaining specific imagination tools to help you unlock your authentic self for every role. This class uses real audition sides from Film and Television.

You will learn how to identify the vital information in your sides to bring more of your life to the role, trust your gut, strengthen your instincts, and listen to your impulses for your acting choices. Additionally, you will be taught to play first as the character and memorize your lines last.

Each week, actors will:

  • Develop their spontaneity through imagination exercises.

  • Be up on their feet acting in scripted and unscripted scenes.

  • Perform on-camera mock auditions.

  • Work as a group to understand the story behind their sides and audition scenes.

  • Work as the audition reader as well as the performer.

  • Work behind the camera to learn how to frame and shoot auditions.

Group Class - Ongoing

Start Date: Now Enrolling 

Start Date: Monday, July 8th

(Classes will meet every Monday 8pm-10pm, 4x per month)

Class Price: $285 per month

Contact Us to Register

For more info on all of our group classes that we currently offer, give us a call today!


661-505-2990 Valencia location

 951-383-0656 Temecula location

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