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Nurturing Tomorrow's Vocalists

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Discover your true vocal potential with monthly classes or our exceptional 12-month intensive singing program led by Monty Seward, an Emmy-nominated songwriter, vocalist, producer, and musician.


Monty's expertise will guide you through a transformative learning journey as you master vocal techniques, explore different vocal chambers, and develop pitch control. 

With personalized instruction tailored to your unique voice, you'll refine your vocal style and unleash your artistic expression. 

Whether you're a seasoned performer or just beginning your singing journey, we provide you with all the tools you'll need to help you succeed!


Get signed up today and unlock the captivating singer within you! Embrace your passion, hone your craft, and let your voice shine in the limelight!


• Monty Seward •

Emmy-Nominated Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer and Musician.

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Monty Seward, a highly regarded vocalist, performer, musician, and producer, possesses an illustrious career as a voice and music teacher spanning over 20 years. His expertise in the field has earned him various accolades, including several multi platinum and gold records for his exceptional production and songwriting skills. 


Monty's proven system has consistently elevated vocalists and performers of all levels, nurturing their talents and helping them reach new heights. Alongside his teaching endeavors, he has had the honor of working with esteemed artists such as Kelly Clarkson, James Ingram, the Commodores, Quincy Jones, the Jacksons, Howard Hewett, the Isley Brothers and so many more. These collaborations have allowed Monty to refine his skills as a producer, songwriter, and artist developer.

In addition to his collaborative ventures, Monty has composed music for television and film, making a lasting impact on iconic shows such as "The Parenthood." Furthermore, his contributions to the "Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie soundtrack have solidified his reputation as a versatile and innovative musician that ultimately led to an Emmy nomination.

Monty also earned praise for his singing voice in 'Land Before Time,' where he provided vocals for a character played by the Academy Award-winning actor, Cuba Gooding Junior. He also made significant contributions to the original music and character singing voices in the Universal animated feature film, "Brer' Rabbit".


Monty Seward's dedication to his craft has earned him numerous milestones, from his award-winning production and songwriting, to his acclaimed work as a vocal coach and mentor. He continues to inspire and uplift aspiring artists, infusing his passion for music into every facet of his remarkable career.

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Online to Onstage: The Limelight Approach to Singing Success

We believe in offering the best of both worlds to our aspiring vocalists. Our classes are primarily conducted online, allowing you to explore and fine-tune your voice at your own pace from the comfort of your home. But that's not all! We also recognize the irreplaceable value of face-to-face interactions, so we're excited to provide additional opportunities for in-person lessons with Monty at our Temecula location once every quarter. Whether you're near or far, we've tailored our approach to meet your needs and help you shine in the limelight. Join us, and let's make beautiful music together.

12-Month Singing Program Overview

In our esteemed vocal program, a symphony of growth unfolds across five harmonious

levels, each embracing a three-month journey that elevates aspiring singers towards

mastery. In Level 1, students discover their unique sound and lay the foundations with

warm-up exercises, breath control, and vocal coordination. Level 2 refines pitch accuracy, explores stylistic elements, and delves into harmony and blending. Level 3 hones artistic identity, expressive nuances, and performance skills, guiding students to connect emotionally with their audience. Level 4 showcases individuality, expands repertoire, and deepens vocal concepts.


During the first quarter, students will focus on understanding their own unique sound and developing foundational vocal capabilities. They will learn and practice vocal warm-up exercises, breath control and support techniques, and maintain proper posture and alignment for optimal vocal production.


Students will also explore the head voice and chest

voice, nasal resonance, and develop coordination between different vocal registers. Emphasis will be placed on exploring different vocal qualities, improving tone and clarity, and developing control over vocal dynamics and expression.

Level 1:


Discovering Your Sound and Building Foundations

Course Breakdown

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Level 3:


Honing Artistic Identity and Performance Skills

In the third quarter, students will hone their individual artistic identity and refine their performance skills. They will delve into self-expression and interpretation, exploring emotions and storytelling through vocal interpretation, while developing dynamic control and expressive nuances. Students will learn how to connect lyrics and musicality to convey their personal artistry.


Performance basics will also be covered, including stage presence, audience engagement, microphone technique, projection skills, and building confidence to overcome stage fright.

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Level 4:


Showcasing Individuality and Creating A Repertoire

The final quarter focuses on showcasing individuality as a singer and expanding the repertoire. Students will experiment with vocal stylization and genre exploration, incorporating personal touches and artistic choices into their performances. They will develop a repertoire that highlights their unique style and artistic expression.


Throughout this quarter, students will continue to refine their vocal techniques, performance skills, and delve deeper into advanced vocal concepts to further enhance their singing abilities.

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Level 2:


Refining Pitch Accuracy and Exploring Stylistic Elements

The second quarter is dedicated to refining pitch accuracy and exploring various stylistic elements in singing. Students will train their ears to recognize and reproduce pitches accurately, create pitch variations, and learn vocal embellishments. They will delve into melody and harmony, understanding intervals, scales, and harmonies, while also honing their vocal blending techniques.


Stylistic exploration becomes a focus as students discover their personal vocal style, artistic expression, and learn about dynamics, expressive techniques, and stage presence.

By the end of this 12-month course, you will not only have advanced your singing and performance skills, but you will also have an impressive portfolio of your own original music and the confidence to showcase your talent to the world. You will be fully prepared to take your place in the music industry, ready to create, perform, and thrive as accomplished music artist.

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Monthly Advanced Specialty Classes 

This month-to-month training is designed for students who have already honed their vocal skills and demonstrated a high level of proficiency. Our Advanced students possess natural talent and a strong foundation in singing, backed by some experience or professional involvement. However, they seek further guidance and specialized training to refine their abilities and reach new heights in their vocal journey.


Advanced Vocal Coaching & Specialty classes, include but are not limited to:

Enhance Technical Mastery:

Advanced students will focus on perfecting their vocal techniques, including breath control, resonance, articulation, and dynamic range. We aim to help them achieve a seamless and effortless execution of challenging vocal maneuvers.


Expand Repertoire and Style:

Building on their existing repertoire, we encourage Advanced students to explore a wide range of musical styles and genres. This includes classical, contemporary, jazz, pop, rock, and more. Diversifying their repertoire enables them to become versatile and expressive vocalists.


Express Emotional Depth:

We emphasize the importance of emotional interpretation and connection with the music. Advanced students will work on conveying emotions effectively, enabling them to captivate audiences and communicate the essence of the songs they perform.


Develop Performance Skills:

A crucial aspect of becoming an exceptional vocalist is stage presence and performance skills. Our program helps Advanced students refine their stagecraft, from microphone technique to body language, allowing them to deliver captivating and compelling performances.


Specialized Training:

Recognizing that each student has unique strengths and areas for improvement, our Advanced program offers specialized training. This might include guidance on improvisation, advanced vocal embellishments, or vocal health and maintenance.


Collaborative Opportunities:

We foster a collaborative environment where Advanced students can work with other talented musicians, such as pianists, guitarists, or other vocalists. These interactions provide valuable real-world experience and foster artistic growth.


Audition and Recording Preparation:

For those aspiring to professional careers, we provide guidance in audition preparation and studio recording techniques. This includes selecting appropriate audition pieces and navigating the recording process to create polished and professional demos.


Artistic Identity:

We encourage Advanced students to develop their artistic identity and find their unique voice as performers. This involves exploring creative choices, musical storytelling, and finding ways to stand out as artists.


Recording Session Singing:

In this specialized voice class, background singers and vocalists receive comprehensive training in the technical nuances of recording singing, perfecting harmonies, mastering microphone techniques, and enhancing their performance in studio environments.


Vocal Health and Maintenance:

Teach proper vocal hygiene, warm-up routines, and strategies for preventing strain or injury.


Performance Anxiety and Stage Presence:

Assist students in managing stage fright, building confidence, and connecting with the audience.


Vocal Improvisation and Ad-Libbing:

Teach students to improvise melodies, create vocal riffs, and develop their unique style.

Additional Services

Artist Demo Production
Live Show Prep and Planning
Recording Session Prep
Artist Creative DIrection
On Site Coaching (Live performance and Studio)

What's Next?

So, are you ready for an exciting adventure in the world of singing?

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