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Limelight Acting Studio is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Inspire Charter Schools, which provides thousands of homeschooled students across California access to enrollment in state funded enrichment programs.


Families that take part in personalized homeschooling for their child TK-12 have access to instructional funds and unlimited curriculum options that bring innovative personalized learning options into their home.


What does this mean for you?


Every year Inspire Charter School students are allocated Instructional Funds for their academic and extracurricular activities. These funds can be used for an array of personalized learning options such as fine arts courses, music classes, athletic development courses, tutoring, supplies, technology, supplemental education materials, and much more. 


Limelight Acting Studio is joined with Inspire in their commitment to supporting all families on their homeschooling journey and we view this partnership as an exciting opportunity to help support you and your children in exploring the wonderful world of Acting.


Families that may not otherwise be able to meet all of the financial requirements of our immersive 10-month Limelight Academy Acting program now have the option to have the majority or all of the program tuition covered through the Inspire program.


For more information on the Limelight Acting Studio Inspire Charter School Acting program please contact us directly by phone at 661-505-2990 or by email at


For more information on Inspire Charter Schools and to see if you qualify, please visit


Inspire Charter Home School Students

can now see the Limelight!

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